Combat BB Guns

Full auto bb guns are legal and effective for personal defense.

Full Auto BB Guns

Yes, you can buy a Full Auto bb gun right now...and online too. It's totally legal. Some full auto air guns can shoot 750 rpm with a muzzle velocity of 500+ fps. Start stocking up on bb's! They make great home defense guns if you don't or can't own a firearm. They are quite devastating on soft tissue.

Full auto or machine gun firearms are very expensive plus require a Class III firearms permit/license. I think I saw an M4 for sale once and the price tag was close to $10K.

You can have the same full auto experience and fun with a full auto bb gun. And for a whole lot less money than a Class III firearm. Full auto bb guns range from $100 to $650.

Full Auto CO2 Air Rifles

Crosman DPMS SBR Full Auto BB Air Rifle.
The Crosman DPMS SBR (short barrel rifle) CO2 air rifle is a popular seller with great ratings. It's a AR-15 style combat rifle with 2 modes of fire, semi auto and full auto. The blowback action functions just like a real M4 or AR-15. It's really cool. The butt stock is an adjustable 6 position tactical stock. The grip is standard AR compatible and feels like a real AR grip. Same dimensions and feel. There is a quad rail that will accomodate any accessories you desire. The drop magazines are 25 rounds each. There are flip up backup sights in case your optics become unusable. Nice feature. The feel and weight of this gun is perfect.

Crosman DPMS SBR BB Gun Full Auto

Bushmaster MPW Full Auto BB Gun
The Crosman Bushmaster MPW full auto bb gun is yet another top air gun from Crosman. It's a CO2 compresssed gas powered air gun in .177 caliber. It's a replica of an M4 and will accept AR compaitible sotcks, pistol grip and buffer tube. You can customize it easily. It's compact and very handy at 21" in length. The weight and feel is very realistic.

Crosman Bushmaster MPW BB Gun Full Auto
Full Auto Pistol BB Guns

Full auto or fully automatic bb guns are legal for anyone to buy and own without any background checks. You can buy one as long as you're 18 years of age. The best selection and prices are online.

Full auto bb pistols are a lot of fun with tin can or fruit target but they can also be used for home defense or self defense. Some are powerful enough for this purpose which means they produce a muzzle velocity of at last 400 fps with either bb's or lead pellets. So just the velocity they produce makes them eligible for self defense but add in fully automatic fire and this really adds to the lethality. Some full auto bb guns have a rate of fire around 1200 rpm. That's incredible. Let take a look at some full auto bb pistols.

Umarex Steel Storm CO2 Full Auto BB Pistol
The Umarex Steel Storm is a CO2 powered BB gun that can fire in semi auto and 6 round full auto mode. So in full auto mode, everytime you pull the trigger 6 rounds are fired. The average shooter can pull the trigger at least 2 times per second. This gives the Steel Storm a rate of fire approaching 700 rpm. That's pretty crazy! The Steel Storm resembles an UZI machine gun and is very nice looking. It has a realistic weight and feel. It does not feel like a toy gun. The Storm holds 300 bb's in the reservoir and 30 bb's in the magazine. It is powered by 2, 12 gram CO2 cartridges. The muzzle velocity is 430 fps. It retails for about $109.99
Umarex Steel Storm Full Auto BB Pistol

Crosman PFAM9B CO2 Full Auto BB Pistol
The Crosman PFAM9B is a Beretta M9 replica and it is well done too. It looks realistic and the action is a blowback design which makes firing the M9 very realistic. The weight is also realistic and not a lightweight toy gun. The performance is fantastic. Muzzle velocity is 450 fps in semi auto and full auto modes. The M9B is CO2 powered. The frame and slide are metal and function great. Full auto mode will empty the CO2 cartridge pretty fast. This gun has great potential in self defense. It has the velocity, accuracy and reliability PLUS Full Auto mode. It destroys targets quickly. If this gun were used against a human intruder, it would be devasting.
Here is a link if you are interesting in shopping for Full Auto BB
Crosman PFAM9B CO2 Full Auto BB Pistol

Full Auto BB Guns

Umarex Steel Storm Full Auto BB Pistol
Umarex Steel Storm
Crosman PFAM9B Full Auto BB Pistol
Crosman PFAM9B BB Pistol
Crosman DPMS SBR Full Auto BB Gun

Crosman DPMS SBR BB Gun

Crosman Bushmaster MPW Auto BB Gun
Crosman Bushmaster MPW BB Gun